The Ultimate Annual Review

The Ultimate Annual Review


2020 has stretched all of us unlike any year in history




Social Distancing


Work From Home


The Election




Black Lives Matter

It's time to turn the page by reflecting on 2020 and setting intentions for 2021


The Ultimate Annual Review is an actionable blueprint to conduct your own self-paced annual life review. You'll explore the challenges you faced, what you learned, and what you desire in the new year.


A Five Step Journey 1. Moments & Milestones 2. Reflections & Learnings 3. Current Life Assessment 4. Intentions for 2021 5. Planning for 2021

Gain a holistic perspective of where you've been and where you want to go

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The Ultimate Annual Review was created by Steve Schlafman. He's a Coach, Angel Investor, and Founder of High Output, a leadership development company based in New York. He lives for helping founders and creators bring their visions to life. You can learn more about Steve here.

⚠️ Before You Get Started


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Tips & Tricks


Recruit a group of friends or family for accountability


Give yourself ~2 weeks to finish the process


Block out several 1-2 hour slots on your calendar


View this as an investment in yourself and your future


Find a quiet space and a comfortable chair


Turn off your mobile devices and wifi


Play music that energizes and/or inspires you ( 🌊)


Be bold, honest, and genuine (BE YOU)


Move through the exercises at your leisure


Don't forget to have fun and enjoy the process

Feedback & Questions


At any point in the process, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or feedback. I would be delighted to hear from you.

Exercise 1: Moments & Milestones



Create a timeline that plots your major moments, milestones, and memories


Est Time: 30-60 Minutes


Plot monthly or quarterly

Data Sources






Social Media






Health Apps

What were your major moments, milestones, and memories?




Took a risk


Started a habit


Got Married


Lost weight


Moved cities


Changed jobs


Protested racism


Took a course


Founded a startup


Welcomed a baby


Learned to cook

Complete Your Timeline


January - March

  • Moment & Milestone 1
  • Moment & Milestone 2
  • Moment & Milestone 3

April - June

  • Moment & Milestone 1
  • Moment & Milestone 2
  • Moment & Milestone 3

July - September

  • Moment & Milestone 1
  • Moment & Milestone 2
  • Moment & Milestone 3

October - December

  • Moment & Milestone 1
  • Moment & Milestone 2
  • Moment & Milestone 3

Exercise 2: Reflections & Learnings


Answer the questions to help you reflect on your experience and key learnings


Est Time: 60-75 Minutes


Go inward and be patient

Success & Growth

1️⃣ What am I most proud of personally and professionally?

2️⃣ What new skills and/or habits did I develop?

3️⃣ What were the biggest obstacles I overcame?

4️⃣ How am I different?

Falling Short

1️⃣ What goals didn't I accomplish? What got in the way?

2️⃣ What do I wish I accomplished?

3️⃣ What habits or interests held me back?

People & Relationships

1️⃣ Which relationships have been the most fulfilling?

2️⃣ Which relationships have been the most draining?

3️⃣ When did I feel most connected or most alone in relationships?

Health & Wellness

1️⃣ What activities supported or degraded my health?

2️⃣ When was I at peace, satisfied, or content?

3️⃣ When did I feel the most alert and energetic?

4️⃣ When did I feel the most tired, or in discomfort or pain?

Lessons & Themes

1️⃣ What were my top lessons learned?

2️⃣ How do you describe this year in 3-5 keywords?

3️⃣ What am I most thankful for?

Exercise 3: Current Life Assessment


Assess your life across 10 dimensions to gain perspective on your present situation


Est Time: 30-60 Minutes


Capture your level of satisfaction


Give each a value from 1-10


1 means “highly unsatisfied”


10 means “couldn't get any better"


Identify what you want to focus on

Life Assessment Board

How does your body and mind feel?
Family & Friends
How do you feel about the quality of relationships in your life?
How do you feel about romance in your life?
How do you feel about your financial situation?
How do you feel about work and your career trajectory?
Are you connected to something bigger and greater than yourself?
Personal Growth
How much time do you invest in self-improvement?
How much time do you devote to recreation and fun?
How does technology play a role in your life?
How do you feel about your physical environment?


1️⃣ How do I feel about my life when I look at my board?

2️⃣ Which 2-3 dimensions do I want to focus on in 2021? 

Exercise 4: Intentions For 2021



Define, visualize and plan what you want in 2021


Est Time: 60-90 Minutes


Be bold yet realistic


1️⃣ What is my purpose for next year?

2️⃣ What 2-3 goals do I want accomplish? What's important about them?

3️⃣ Who do I want to become?

4️⃣ What personal qualities do I want to strengthen?

5️⃣ What do I want to learn?

Moving On

1️⃣ What do I want or need to shed?

2️⃣ What no longer serves me?

3️⃣ What do I need to walk away from?

4️⃣ What will I say no to?

Habits & Behaviors

1️⃣ What habits / behaviors do I want to start?

2️⃣ What habits / behaviors do I want to stop?

3️⃣ What habits / behaviors will I continue?

Fears & Obstacles

1️⃣ How will I step out of my comfort zone?

2️⃣ What permission do I need to give myself?

3️⃣ What obstacles will I face and how will I overcome them?


1️⃣ Who in my life deserves more attention?

2️⃣ Which existing relationships do I want to focus on?

3️⃣ Who do I want to reconnect with?

Exercise 5: Planning For 2021



Determine your action plan to create momentum in early 2021


Est Time: 45-60 Minutes


This is the last step!

Action Plan

1️⃣ What are the first steps I can take towards my goals? Be specific!

2️⃣ What resources do I need to make progress?

3️⃣ Who will I ask for help and support from?

4️⃣ How can I create early wins and momentum?

5️⃣ What progress will I make in 30, 60, 90 days? How will I know?